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    IT Outsourcing and Managed Services

    A Brighter Future For Your Company

    IT Outsourcing

    To any business big or small it is essential that their tools of the trade are in working order and more importantly they are correct for the job. Is your business struggling along with old IT and Communications, limping along feeling frustrated with slow, unresponsive or even outdated systems. Here at Professional IT Services we pride ourselves on being your strategic partner, working alongside you to achieve your goals, to make IT and communications easy and understandable so you are never left in the dark again. Outsource your IT and or Communications to us and sit back and enjoy the benefits it can bring to your business.
    Managed Services

    Stay ahead of the game and give yourself a competitive advantage over your customers with a fully managed service. Here at Professional IT we offer a wide range of managed services, so whatever your business or circumstances we have a managed package for you. Our IT Helpdesk is available 24/7/365 and provides that personal touch of actually knowing your business and not just reading from a script. Why get the run around from your helpdesk when you can use ours and always get the right person for the job. Whether it is email or infrastructure you will always get treated like you are our only customer and because we don't oversubscribe on support contracts you can rest assured that we will be there when you need us. So don't settle for second best employ the professionals here at Professional IT Services.
    Virus and Malware

    The focus of endpoint security has shifted over the years, it used to be that computer viruses were loud and destructive, but now viruses only account for some 15% or computer infiltrations. Now the focus is on sneaking into your computer and syphoning off all your data and keystrokes without being noticed or just being able to control your computer or device for mass cyber-attacks on high profile targets. Either way this can be prevented with the right endpoint security software.
    Spam and Phishing Email

    At one time spam email accounted for some 70% of all internet traffic and was the bane of any email system. With the advancements in spam filters and domain scoring we are seeing less and less coming through to our inboxes. With the right email hosting package this can be reduced to almost zero. With this in decline we are now seeing the rise in targeted spam, email that looks and feels like it is from an official source but with a sinister agenda, this is far harder to stop with technology but easy with the right staff training.
    Endpoint Protection

    Good endpoint protection these days is a must, not only does it scan for known threats on files it sees, most will protect your web browser from opening infected websites. What is not so commonly known is that most serious infiltrations come from inside the company’s perimeter. An unaware employee plugging in his USB drive or CD from home with their own music, bringing infections round past all that expensive frontline hardware.