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    Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Is Your Data Safe and Secure?

    Data Security and Backup

    Small to medium businesses seem to be one of the worst for protecting their data these days. The big question is ‘How long can your business survive if you cannot get to your data?’ What if one day you came to work to find that your PC or server either was not there or your data was gone. What impact would that have on you and your customers?

    Most legacy servers have a tape backup that has been running in the background, but has it ever been tested? Do you know that most magnetic media has a usable life of about 12 to 18 Months then the surface starts to degrade, its ability to store data over time reduces drastically, what you think is safe might not be.

    Nowadays there is a cost effective cloud solution for every occasion and with prices starting as little as £1.50 per day per PC or Server plus a small one off setup fee your file data could be protected, allowing you to sleep easy knowing whatever happens you are ready and your data is safe and secure.
    Disaster Recovery

    Most people never even consider the consequences of a disaster happening to them, but 99% of us have some sort of house insurance just in case. So why do we plan for it on one hand and then close our eyes and hope it will never happen to us in the other.

    Disasters do not necessarily mean that one day your office block or home office was there and next day it’s all gone! A disaster can be as simple as spilling that nice hot cup of coffee over your nice new laptop or dropping your device while juggling multiple items in your hands and then realising that you haven’t backed up your data for the past few weeks. Can you remember what files you edited or the data that you entered into them?

    Either way it is much better to be prepared and have that backup automated to an offsite secure location and / or an image of all those workhorse PC’s and servers that you rely on every day safely stowed away. So whatever happens you know it will not be long before your back up and running with your data and your programs.
    Don't wait for disaster

    Your IT should be resilient, able to cope with your day to day needs, if it isn't you put your company at risk. How long can your business survive without the data that you use daily?.
    Call us and see how easy and cost effective it is to protect your company from the day you hope will never happen.
    Data at your fingertips

    Gone are the days where the only place you could access your data was at your desk on your computer in your office.
    Now you can have your data stored offsite, secure, safe and accessible on almost any device, even from your mobile phone.
    A backup plan

    IT is not perfect, despite what some companies might have you think!
    Why risk your livelihood and future!
    Always have a backup plan, most are very simple and cost effective.
    Call us today and see just how easy it is to achieve.